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    Post Honeynet - Wireless version

    This is something interesting I read the Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) has created the first wireless version of a honeynet which is a network of servers to lure in hackers and monitor there actions. Now they say this is going to be a scientific study and any hackers caught will be spared any criminal proceedings. They also claim that the project is not up and running yet so if you fall under this category I would be careful.

    Here is the link for those that want to read on www.blackcode.com/news/view.php?id=303


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    I knew it would only be a matter of time until we had a wireless honeypot/net. What suprises me is the fact that the government is in on this.

    "SAIC is a government contractor; they do a lot of military work, so they generally get nervous when one of their projects gets a lot of press," said a source familiar with the experiment, who asked to remain anonymous.
    Well IMO they should get nervous when there is a lot of press due to the fact that now ppl know that they are being setup and studied. Hopefully their plan is not ruined because it would be nice to see the data they produce. This is a study that needs to be conducted before wireless can go any further, and better security development can take place.
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    Yeah, I hope they haven't shot themselves in the foot by releasing information to the press. I would really be interested in the findings so that I may implement one on my own. It was definitely inevitable though. I hope it works. I think the results will benefit us Net Sec Admins by helping us to know how to secure our wireless networks a little better.
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