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Thread: another newbie

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    another newbie

    hi my name is mike and i'm new to these stuff but i sure wanna know a lot about it!!!!
    i allways wanna become an hacker in fact i 100% sure i will be an hacker! just a matter of time
    i'm using windows because i know that if i replace it to linux i will need to replace some other part of my computer and lets say that i dont have enough money to change my computer .
    so i wanna know if there is a way to hack with windows????

    also i will realy want you to tell me where can i find good tutorials for hacking and cracking softwares

    i thank you all for your time

    but please help me!!!!!!!!

    As a graet hacker once said
    you can stop me but you cant stop us all
    by the mentor.

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    Wow, all I can say is delete this thread and you will find your answers here

    Here is some reading that will get you off to a decent start in SECURITY

    ::edit:: You may want to read the FAQ while you still have a chance
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    Are You Sure?

    Are you sure you want to be a Hacker?

    If you think a hacker is someone who breaks into systems, steals information, or gets proprietary and personal information then you are talking about a criminal (a cracker in my book). Are you sure this is what you want to be?

    Do you really want to be a software using Script Kiddie (or as stated earlier Kiddiot) who doesn't really understand what Security is about or how things really work?

    If so, go elsewhere. Here you will be negged to death in a couple of days.

    By my definition a Hacker is someone who uses their skill and expertise to find holes and vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before they are exploited. If this is what you want to be then I say more power to you, but the road to this goal is long and paved with reading, research, and practice. The security community comes together to gain insight on how to make our systems tighter and better because of the crackers out there.

    If your goal is to be a cracker do not expect to be welcomed here. If you aspire to something higher then read and learn, and maybe mature a little.
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    Mike if I was you I would delete this as soon as possible and don't do it again as I have learned that you take advice especially when it comes to asking the wrong questions. If you would like to know about Security I would be glad to give you any advice and information dealing with what ever you would like to know. Just so you know everyone will have there own opinion.


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    Well, happyhacker.org has ways to hack with Windows and even AOL, but in a LEGAL way. It's called the Guides To (Mostly) Harmless Hacking and the link is here: http://happyhacker.org/gtmhh/index.shtml.

    i'm using windows because i know that if i replace it to linux i will need to replace some other part of my computer and lets say that i dont have enough money to change my computer .
    Why do you need to change your current computer? You can have the biggest baddest box in the world and it will not do you a bit of good if you do not know what to do with it. I mean, LEARN with your current box. It will probably more than suffice.

    also i will realy want you to tell me where can i find good tutorials for hacking and cracking softwares.
    From this line, it is obvious to me you want to do more than do harmless hacking and I wanna warn you, curiosity will kill the cat. I mean you can learn to hack your OWN system(s) and be a really good system administrator, but when you start to explore outside where you are not authorized, you are breaking the law there is no grey area.

    As for cracking software, that is also illegal and has serious cosequences if caught, especially if you are writing and distributing them. This is outlined in the DMCA passed in 1998. If you read about some of the groups and individuals who got caught, you will definately change your mind.

    In all, this site is to help protect others from malicious hackers, teach other how to protect themselves and mentor those that want to be better system administrators, end users and a better informed newbie.

    Here are some resources in case you are interested:

    http://www.cybercrime.gov/ there are TONS of resources to help you understand the law.
    http://www.cybercrime.gov/ipcases.htm infringement cases.
    http://www.cybercrime.gov/cccases.html spamming, cracking, more

    Hope this helps.

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    hi its another newbie again i didnt mean to cause any harm but i want to learn, is that a crime?

    i didnt know this is a security site only because i'm only here a few times so please dont get mad....

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    liat112211, learning is never a crime. It should be a crime not to. However, you need to understand the difference between learning and doing something ILLEGAL. Some do not make that distinction, and we tell you that here.

    Personally, I think you need to rethink what you really wanna do, because I look at it this way. If you really like computers and you do something illegal and the feds take your box away, you will not get a chance to play with it again. If you are convicted of a computer crime, it will be difficult to get a job (well, some gotta job like Kevin Mitnik, but that's beyond the point) and the list goes on and on.

    I myself am not mad. I am concerned. It seems to me some people make cracking fun and cool when in reality it's pointless and stupid.

    my 2c

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    thats no what i meant...

    i know i said i wanna be an hacker and its true i do wanna be an hacker, BUT i wanna be the kind of hacker that works for company's that want to check their security and stuff like that
    i'm sorry if i maid you think somethigs else and its probably my fault but i'm still young and for my age there is no collage yet! but what can i do i'm curios and i can help my self!

    i'm only 15 and i'm already learning for the a+ certification exams by tutorials...
    i read a lot of books about computers and everything that as to do with computers
    i'm NOT and i reapet i'm NOT gonna be a black hacker or a melicious hacker but i am seeking after knowldge

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    liat112211, thank you for the reiteration. I cannot control what you do and what you decide to do...I am not yer daddy. I am sorry for saying you need to "rethink" anything, because I cannot control what you do.

    In conclusion, when you post here, just make sure to make it clear what your intentions are because if they are not clear, misinterpretations will arise as like right now (I still am kinda leary about cracking the software).

    Either way, happy learning, and I hope those guides I showed you will help you along the way.


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