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Thread: FBI agent charged by Russia

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    Post FBI agent charged by Russia

    This a follow up to a recent post I've read about the two russian hackers that we're suckered by the FBI so they could sniff their passwords. Now the Russian Federal Security Service is trying to charge an FBI agent for hacking into the Russain computer's. Now I don't know about everyone else but this worries me becuase what stops them from doing the same to me or anyone else for that matter. So in the future I tend to watch this matter carefully and hope that the FBI agent get's what he deserves but I know that it will probably disappear in the future.



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    I tend to watch this matter carefully and hope that the FBI agent get's what he deserves but I know that it will probably disappear in the future.
    I would have to agree with you there, this has a strong possibility of disappering in the near future. Good follow up though I must say.

    Imagine logging into an ISP account through your corporate or university network, or using a web-based e-mail service while at work or school. The court's ruling would permit the employer to "sniff" your e-mail or Internet passwords (or, for that matter, banking or medical record passwords), and later use that data to read your files, because you had no "expectation of privacy" when entering the passwords.
    Now that is ridiculous. I cannot imagine the public ever letting that one fly. IMO the government is pushing the limits recently with these crackpot ideas. And who says that my employer is any more honest than the next "hacker?" There are just somethings that people have no need to know and this is one of them. Also, where will all of that data stored? If you ask me all that sensitive information in one place sounds like a "hacker" goldmine to me.

    On another note:
    Now don't get me wrong, I feel that the Russians committed a crime but for the FBI to jump into Russia's territory was just wrong. The FBI needs to learn that the only way they are going to get anywhere or anyone on their side is to follow their own rules.

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    Doesn't the FBI have something better to do.There's little girls disappearing left and right,unsolved murders,and terrorist cells waiting for their order to go blow something up,and the FBI's sitting in their offices playing on the internet.It's a wonder any crimes get solved in this country.This dumb idea about sniffing peoples passwords and Email makes me wonder if the FBI is run by a pile if rocks.The idea's about as intelligent as banning firearms.THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WILL BE AFFECTED BY IT ARE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.Anybody that is smart enough to pose a real threat on the net is going to be smart enough to get around that ****.
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