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Thread: linux IP Masquerading Question

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    linux IP Masquerading Question

    Hey guys, ive got a question for yall.

    I have a small home network, a Slackware Linux machine which is a router, firewall etc.
    I have IP Masquerading setup correctly and my internal machines can connect to the internet
    fine. Everything is setup correctly and has been for years now. BTW im running 2.2.20 and ipchains.

    Anyway i recently hooked up my Playstation 2 to my network. Gave it and IP address of, my laptop is and my linux box's internal card is

    Everything works fine with my ps2 hooked up to my internal network. My question is, is their
    a way to forward data that comes in from eth0 to my ps2? Ive read a few ip masquerading howtos
    but they all setup to talk about masquerading OUT from the internal network, but what I need
    is a way to redirect incoming traffic to, my playstaion.

    The reason im asking is because ive just picked up SOCOM: us navy seals and ive been playing
    online, everythying works except my headset, which does not recieve incoming talk from other users, i can talk to outhe players, they can hear me, but i cant hear their replies. The headset
    works perfectly in single user mode.

    I think i have to forward certian traffic directly to my ps2, but im not sure.

    anyway any help is greatly appreciated, if you guys can point me in the right
    direction that would be great, how to's, links, whatever..


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    Have you checked the log files? I don't know much about IP masq'ing, but if your slackware box is acting as a firewall, then you should check the logs to see if there are incoming packets bound for your ps2 that are being dropped. If you see something like this then open the port up.

    This is just a very general wild guess here, but I hope it helps!

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    I don't think just opening the port will work. I think you'll probably have to use iptables DNAT (destination NAT) feature to modify the destination address and redirect incoming traffic to an internal host. Maybe something like this:

    /sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s 0/0 -d <your.public.ip> -p tcp --dport <port> -j DNAT --to

    Or something like that. A Google search on iptables DNAT should give you more info.
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