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Thread: Visual Basic....How To Start

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    Post Visual Basic....How To Start

    Yeah umm...just about bought VB but was not sure if it works on XP...the box said windows 95, 98, and NT. And i was wondering what you guy think...since my school does not teach VB...i was wondering if you guys though i should learn it thro a book...or over the net? All remarks will be appreicated.

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    Umm, truthfully I wouldn't exactly *start* with VB, but since you're going to probably anyway, I'd recommend learning it over the net in a class-like environment. They have many sites that are dedicated to helping/teaching people to be good in languages such as VB, and they really do work. You might also be able to find a night class around your city at a community college or something where you could learn it for fairly cheap. Look around.

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    VB hmmmm well I've been wanting to learn VB but right now I'm busy with C++ and then maybe VB, but anyways did you go to microsoft.com and you can download VB and learn alittle bit there and if your interested I can give you a ebook about VB. Good luck to ya.


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    Im taking Visual at school now, and have learned that by playing around with it i have learned alot...although probably not the route you
    are wanting to take...if you enjoy reading, then get a book on it...but that'll cost around 40 bucks...so itd say an ebook or try getting into
    a class online...anyway you go about it, its pretty cool ... have fun

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    In the past I have noticed that you can only learn so much for the free online tutorials. Sometimes in order to fully learn you need to break down and buy a book or sign up for a class.

    Here is a an newbie online VB tutorial
    And here is a great book that you should look into if you want to get serious

    This is a fun language to learn and know
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    When i first started out learning VB i bought a book called 'An introduction to programming using Visual Basic 6, Fourth Edition' by David I. Schneider.........this is a great book, very informative and easy to understand.

    This will give you a good foundation in VB and from there the choice is yours.

    Great language btw

    Hope this helps!


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