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Thread: putting together a home network...and im just learning...help please?

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    putting together a home network...and im just learning...help please?

    Im going to be putting together a network consisting of 4 computers...two desktops and two labtops. What should I do for the best
    system? What operating system would be the best? Wireless or with cables? And what kind of Web connection should i get, cable, dsl, etc...??
    Any and all help would be appreciated...thanks

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    That is all personal preference on wireless or cat 5. The internet connection depends on what is available to you. For starters I would use Windows 2000, connected through an "8" port hub just in case you plan to expand. Then I would go with what is available for internet access. If you need more detail, please feel free to PM me. I'll walk you through it step by step.

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    Ok now let's see the OS I would go with a newer version of Linux like redhat but if you don't know much about Linux then go with Microsoft. As far as connection I would go with cable or DSL that would be what I would get. About wireless or cable if you can do it nice and neat i would use cable just for the simple fact that I don't know much about wireless.

    If you choose Linux here is a good link to learn about home networks www.redhat.com/apps/search/results.html

    If you must choose Microsoft here is a good link for you http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/e...ies/july30.asp

    Good Luck!


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    I wouldn't say wireless or cat 5 is purely preference.... there are (at least in my book) some serious security issues with a wireless network. I know there are people who will say that wireless is secure because it checks mac addresses and uses encryption, blah, blah..... but I follow the principle that if it can be made, it can be cracked. Those mac addresses or anything else can be spoofed.

    If there's a good reason to go with wireless, then by all means look into it. But in the absence of a need I don't see any reason to broadcast your traffic all over the neighborhood, encrypted or not.
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    I feel that I might be able to help you out if you could specify what you are designing this this network for. Gaming? Home file server? It all depends on the neworks intended use. Like Joey_Batch_File said, you are limited to the internet connections that are available in your area. I would suggest broadband if you are going to run a small time webserver or personal FTP server. As for cable and DSL there are plenty of threads out there about this, just do a forums search on cable modems, DSL, and broadband.
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    Your question is very generic and subject to many variables and preferences....

    but if money was not an object in the project I would consider setting up one of the desktops as a linux router/firewall and feed the others off that with the OS of your choosing. Linux can be a pain to get onto laptops if you are new to it, but if your up for the challenge give it a try, otherwise Windows would be the better option.

    As for networking, this depends on whether mum, dad, landlord are going to be happy with you running around the house armed with a drill to feed cable through walls or have cables laying all over the place - I would give wireless a shot - (only because I have never tried this and it would be a challenge.)

    As for the connection, I would go with the fastest available in your area that falls within budget.

    Good luck and happy networking.


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    I have read about Powwerline networking where you can use your existing wall outlets to network computers, and is suposably inexpensive:


    Here are the advantages of a power-line network:

    It's inexpensive. (This author bought a complete Intelogis' PassPort kit to connect two computers for $50.)
    It uses existing electrical wiring.
    Every room of a typical house has several electrical outlets.
    It's easy to install.
    A printer, or any other device that doesn't need to be directly connected to a computer, doesn't have to be physically near any of the computers in the network.
    It doesn't require that a card be installed in the computer (although there are companies working on PCI-based systems).

    You may want to check it out.

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    I agree with gadfly. There are several things that need to be considered before deciding how to build out your network. Once you answer some of the questions posted here, we will probably be able to help you better.
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    Don't have to worry about parents or a landlord nagging about constant drilling...file server and gaming will most likely both be done. I was leaning more in the way of the wireless networking due mainly to the fact that the laptops can roam around whereever they want in the house. and the neighborhood won't be a problem, living well out of the range of anyone who would just happen to wander around the area with the ability to pick up the wireless signal. Im not really caring much about money at this point either, since there are going to be four of us taking on this project and we are splitting the cost...so do your worst.. thanks

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    Welp, for the OS, I'd hafta ask you what it is used for. IMO, Redhat is an all around good OS, but works especially well if used for a webserver. If you have any installations with any Linux flavor, PM me and I'll help ya out with it.

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