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Thread: Government asks hackers to try to break into its sites

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    Government asks hackers to try to break into its sites

    Taiwan-based computer users are being encouraged to try and break into government Web sites. Those who are successful will receive rewards. "In a bid to strengthen the security of government Web sites and to find any loopholes in the government computer network, we're inviting Taiwan-based computer users to participate in a simulation drill scheduled for the beginning of next year," said Minister Without Portfolio Tsay Ching-yen
    Taiwan Govt asks hackers to try to break into its networks

    I think this is a really good idea. As a government, how do you really know if your networks and websites are secure? You might be paying some guy a huge salary to look after your security - you're not really sure if he's fully up to speed with patches, exploits, vulnerabilities and so on. You open it up to hackers - you get the cutting edge of computer experts who are looking for a challenge, and it's much more attractive for them because they get paid. Taiwan gets more security, hackers get money - for once, Everybody Wins


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    I think that this is an awesome idea. It's a win win situation for all parties involved. This is very innovative. I would like to see something like this happen here in the states. It is an excepted fact, so it seems, that our government's machines aren't up to par either. What better way to get them going in the right direction. I would be interested in following this story just to see what happens after the invitational hack is over.
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    That sounds like a good idea but you have to take into accout some what ifs.

    What if: Johnny Hax0r finds a series of holes, he reports 2 of the 3 and gets paid. Now the little expo is over and Johhny comes back to exploit the network, good luck finding out who it was, you just had thousands of hackers testing your system.

    But on another note if you come out and ask for testing, the public will have a better attitude towards the whole situation. Who knows, if this turns out to be a sucess we just might see more of these activities. I guess we will have to watch and wait.
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    Just a guess, but perhaps the difference is that the GM-21's in D.C. who are top-dogs for Gov E-security just plain don't want to have the CinC be shown they don't have their ducks in a row..... Or am i guessing incorrectly? Probably not. So, in Formosa (oh, 'scuse me, that was a long time ago) the Gov will get the very best of the IT cream because they will want to claim their reward (pay for a job well-done) while everywhere else the servers will be compromised, defaced and otherwise penetrated, by white-hats and black-hats alike, but nobody will come forward because the GM21's will talk to their counterparts and guess who gets a midnight knock on their door...
    (Oh, don't bother answering, we're already in.....)
    , a lot of inconvenience, and a massive lawyer bill...
    And the Gov servers will still be in a compromised position forevermore.
    Anyway, that's just one opinion, and tonight i'm in a real pessimistic mood.

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