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Thread: Army unifying Network operations

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    Post Army unifying Network operations

    Well this looks like it might be a step up for the U.S. Army they have decided to bring there network operations together and be watched under one helpful eye called NETCOM. The system will be ran by IT specialist from netcom and the home base of this operation is at Ft. Huachuca, Ariz. Now I am wondering how big of an effect that this will have on the network guru's that are in the army. Looks like I'll just wait and listen to see if I hear anymore about this.



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    [rant] Wow, that is really great! Tell me this, if you have hacked one does that mean you have hacked them all?
    Seriously though, it is nice to see that the Army is crawling its way to becoming a moderately secure network. Could they pull it off this time? Nah, if you ask me the Army security risk comes from somewhere far deep down inside I mean look, are they going to upgrade and patch those Solaris 2.6 boxes that they are still running? Probably not. As an IMO(Internet Management Officer) in the Army I can tell you that our users need to be educated and our gurus, as you put it, are a myth. Thank God that people think the US Army computers are all high speed and secure because it is that fear that keeps us from being "had" everyother day. Whos fault is it that the Army equivilent of a network administrator has had a 17 week crash course armed with two little handy books: The Windows 2000 Operating System for Dummies, and Windows Networking in a Nutshell? He knows only what "they" teach him.

    This post was brought to you..IMHO, and I hope this really does help us out.
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