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Thread: I want one of these!!!

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    I want one of these!!!

    Just a friendly 'heads up' for all you hardware junkies out there. Sony is getting ready to release a DVD burner that will do every format EXCEPT DVD-RAM. It's about time they got on the ball and offered a 'safe' buy in the DVD recorder market.

    Sony Introduces First Drives to Support Recording of Popular DVD Formats

    New Dual RW Drives Take Guesswork Out of DVD Recording from the PC, Let Users Easily Create Video and Data DVDs

    San Jose, California, 9/9/2002—

    – Sony Electronics today introduced its Dual RW drives, the first combination drives for the PC to support the DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-R formats.

    The new Dual RW drives, the internal DRU-500A and the external DRX-500UL, encompass four popular DVD recording formats for the utmost in recording functionality and playback compatibility.

    By combining the DVD rewritable (DVD+RW/-RW) formats with the DVD write-once (DVD+R/-R) formats, the Dual RW drives allow computer users to transfer home movies from tape to DVD discs, customize and edit them for a personal touch, and then play them back in nearly all DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives.

    Sony’s new drives are also the industry’s first to support up to 4X DVD-R recording, making them the fastest DVD rewritable drives on the market. In addition, the drives support 2.4X DVD+RW/+R recording and 2X DVD-RW recording. It is expected that 4X DVD-R and 2X DVD-RW media will become available in the near future.

    Both Dual RW models also support 24X CD-R and 10X CD-RW recording (using high-speed CD-RW discs), making them ideal all-in-one recording devices.
    Sony's page on this little gem is here.
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    Thumbs up Next on my list.

    Hey Al,

    I am glad you brought this up, I now know what I want for Christmas... heheh
    I remember my first CD ROM Drive, It was a single speed drive and cost $399.00!
    But I was the first kid on the block who had one.
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    this is a very very cool idea i've alwase liked sony products i even have two cd players at home i think sonys cool


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