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    This article is intended for IT Professionals and systems administrators with experience servicing computer hardware. It is not intended for home users, hackers, or computer thieves attempting to crack the password on a stolen PC. Please do not attempt any of these procedures if your unfamiliar with computer hardware, and please use this information responsibly. is not responsible for the use or misuse of this material, including loss of data, damage to hardware, or personal injury.
    How to Bypass BIOS Passwords -
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    i hope your question is legit!
    have you checked if there was a reset passwd jumper on the mobo?
    else you have to take the cmos battery off, reset it or contact dell!
    anyway's, that's what what i would do!
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    take out the battery, will not work on newer Dell Laptops.
    For Dell Password Solution look at or
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    Given that the thread is now 4 years old, I'm pretty sure he's figured it out.

    I'm closing the thread for now.
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