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Thread: how to install pc solaris

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    how to install pc solaris

    hi brothers
    One of my friends has got PC Solaris with him but he was telling me that he could not install it on his computer as it did not had Intel original mother board.Is it true ? What are the reqirements ?.

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    Alot of it depends on what version of solaris your friend has. The newer the version, I think 2.8 or solaris 8 (same thing) is the latest x86 version of solaris, the better (more hardware support). I haven't looked at the solaris 8 x86 package, but all the solaris x86 packages I ever received came with documentation listing what they supported and did not support (everything from video cards to network cards, etc). I would look for the documentation.

    In my personal experience, it has been extremely rare that I have found a PC that wouldn't run it, and every time that has happened is because it didn't have video drivers, never because of the motherboard. My recommendation would be to look for the documentation (you can probably also find it at http://docs.sun.com), and give it a shot anyway, I would be suprised if it didn't work.

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