Ok i know everyone is sick of hearing about the antipoint deal, and ive mentioned this suggestion a few times before but never really got feedback, now its time to make it its own thread.

Recently a few members have been banned for AP Abuse, now i know JP is a very busy man and cant monitor APs all day long, so i suggest that he put together a team of moderators that will take care of antipoint abuse, members that think that they are being abused will have a little button that sais "Report AP Abuse" and it will then send some sort of message to the moderators that will help them choose if this is abuse and how sevire it is... if it is just minor abuse the abusing member will get neggs added to his accound and the harmless member will regain his lost APs... while if this is extreme abuse the abusing member will be banned... also members who tend to hit the abuse button too many times for no reason will also suffer negs.

The AP System is not perfect and it will never be, but as long as little things are put up it will improve greatly just as it has in the recent months.

Well give me some feedback on what you guys think.... JP make some nice comments on this as well please.