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    Well, if the AP reviewers were never given the assigner's name, then anonymity would be preserved. The system could keep track of which users had how many 'abuse marks' against them without letting anyone know of who they were.

    But, really, given the tenets of human nature and the size of the forum, any attempt to 'police' APs would be akin to trying to pick up grains of sand with some tweezers and burying a guy asleep at the beach: You can't do it very well even with a few people working at it, and you can't be really sure if it's a good idea anyway.
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    I agree with Ennis. Just ignore it. AO isn't a site to gain status and ****! Its about helping eachother out. Giving advice to others. Ignore the dots. Just don't be stupid then everything will be fine. JP will handle it. Its his site. He ain't gonna ignore the people who use it. But just ignore thos AP's for now.

    Greetz & Peace.

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