For those who are interested, there is a photoshop tennis match being held presently at

DHKY (an artist from rockstar games ~ GTA3) vs. Famewhore (which is a big name in web design)

dont fear. if you cant make it, you can catch the recap at

{edit} sorry, didnt post alot of info since all i had was the quick post box. now i see images.AO is back, so here goes.

Photoshop tennis is a game in which two web designers/graphic artists combat each other. One serves with an image created in Adobe Photoshop and the other volleys with a new layer added to the first. During this time, a commentator talks about the game as it occurs. Sometimes they can get pretty intersting. There are archives on the coudal website to peruse thru if you wish, as they had matches all last year. The match occuring now is going a little slow since the DHKY artist is also working on a new game for rockstar and playing at work. so, i hope that answers your question, mysterious negger... lol!