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Thread: ac1dsp3ctrum banned?

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    Apr 2002

    ac1dsp3ctrum banned?

    why was he banned? he didnt do anything.

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    He wanted in a thread to be banned in order to quit AO properly. But I didn't know his wish had been realized!
    It's sad.
    Life is boring. Play NetHack... --more--

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    no no no, he was abusing ap's and was trying to form "alliances" or something to that extent. that thread had nothing to do with it, same reason why gurl, and jehnx, and alex are banned.

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    wow. I didn't know this. I'm very surprised, I thought Ac1dSp3ctrum was not implicated into APs wars.
    I apologize for the wrong info.
    Life is boring. Play NetHack... --more--

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    Yeah, Its true... me and a few other AOers started a you scartch my back ill scratch yours alliance because of all the people balancing their negs on us.... I guess I deserved it.... Thanks for the thread though =)

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    I would just like to suggest that people not ask why someone was banned, obviously it was for a reason. If you must know pm a moderator, jp, or ask in IRC.

    As far as AP's go, I dont remember joining this site because i wanted em. I joined to learn, share knowledge, and help others....isnt that what the site is about anyways?
    <chsh> I've read more interesting technical discussion on the wall of a public bathroom than I have at AO at times

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    What surprised me is that if the reason of which a member is banned is related to "Oops! A Bug! " section. Is that?
    BTW, agree with Darksnake
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    Dude, ac1d was always a good "ac1d" to this site. Respect. Ac1d, I'm looking forward on working with you.


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    Actually guys I was shocked too when I knew about abusing the APs, but as you guys say, why we are here to learn and share knowledge ,
    But forgetting this AP abusing thing …. I guess they are good peeps. The were sharing knowledge and helping peeps when they can, it’s a loss to the site letting out such AO members.
    Hope this would be a good lesson for them and us in life not only here at AO.

    I think they’ll come back, with a new strength of mind as an AO members
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    Yep, Im banned.... And im sooooo sad..... I think im gunna go kill myself

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