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    Free palm Piolit

    I went to theropy today and my theropist gave me a palm piolet to take home and play with, she said it was not working and would cost too much to fix, (she had a price quote) so she gave it to me since I like takeing things apart, she said if I can fix it I may have it. So I got home.

    I imediatly thought to check the batteries, They were put in wrong. So I fliped them around and it turned on

    But the screen was very dark, I looked all over for a adjustment for brightness and contrast, but could not find it anywhere, Untill a few minutes ago, it was a small black scroll whell on the back that ajusts the contrast and brightness settings, and wow, what a difernce, so this palm piolet works,

    It is a shame because she was going to throw it away after being told it would cost too much to fix, and here I am playing games with it.

    I am going to give it back to her even though she said I can keep it if I get it fixed, she does have a replacemnt. I will problably end up giveing it back to her since I have no use for it.

    It is sad to know she was gona throw it away meanwhile the bateries were placed in wrong and the brightness needed adjusting.

    Just thought I would share that with you ppl.

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    She said if you fix it you can keep it and yet your giving it back? Woah, you are a noble man. To bad more peoplein this world arent like you in such respect.
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    The truly sad part of this is the person that told her the palm pilot was going to cost more to fix than it was worth. Why is it that in all technical fields, not just computers, that there are so many that take advantage of the less ignorant?

    Even more sad is the fact that the honest and good technical people are the ones that are usually out of a job. It's like politics, if you are honest, you are pushed out.

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    That is very nice of you to give it back aj, but I think you should keep it for two reasons: 1. she told you that you could keep it if you fixed it 2. she already has a replacement Palm that's probably 5 times better than this one. Indolent: You are right, I wish there were more people like that also. Zaggy: I agree, politics are everywhere, even the places where they have no business being. Yes, it definitely permeates the IT industry as well. In some aspects, I think the level approaches that of other departments you would expect to far exceed IT in this respect. I don't need to go into examples because I am sure we all have our horror stories on the subject. Oops, I'm going off on a tangent here, so I will end it... Anyway, take care aj, and keep that heart of yours; it will separate you from the masses...
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    LOL! Thats almost the same thing that happened to me. My friend finally gave up on his brand new laptop, saying it was too much trouble, and he would look into a new one after he came back from vacation. I was amazed and tried hard to convince him not to leave it alone, to put some time into it and try to figure out the problems, after all, it was expensive. He left, but gave it to me before he did, saying I may as well keep it. Hehe, turned out there was some incompatible RAM, I bought some new RAM and it worked perfectly. Poor guy, I saw his smile disappear when he saw me playing on it, I was just joking, wanted to see his face and gave it back. Hehe, poor guy. Unfortunately he still hasn't payed me back for the RAM, but he thanks me all the time. It's cool of you to give back the pilot. Those things are nice, really nice. You should ask her where she went to get it repaired, and make a mental note never to go there.

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