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Thread: Do I play a role...???

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    Do I play a role...???

    Greetings all,
    I came across some interesting facts which I read in a newspaper just recently, and I thought I should share this with you as this is quiet disturbing and affects our children directly.I would greatly appreciate your views and opinions on this, as there is a lot of contravercy and it would also give you a better understanding of the situation in our country and worldwide.

    Questions such as the following were asked.1.The Worldsummit held in Johannesburg recently(60000 people),of which the conference centre can only accomodate (10000).?
    What does the other (50000) do?.2.The world poulation breaks through the seven-billion mark?3.There are about (357000)births per day?4.About 3 billion people has never heard about the Word of God?5.Roughly about half the world population has to live on R10.00 per day?In SA alone there were about 1 million job losses during the past eight years.

    Now I ask the question do I have a role to play in this?
    Definitely. We desperately need thousands of people to be trained in the medical profession,engineers,teachers,skillfull financial people,technicians in all forms,IT people ,researchers,expert agriculturalists,politicians and management people of all levels.

    Look around you and see how many people meet these requirements and you will realize there is a place for you and you can make a difference.

    Makes you think doesn’t it?
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    I definately agree.I realize there's a lot of people out there that don't have the greatest life,for a number of different reasons.The biggest one I would think is money.In order for the world to become a better place,1.)People have to have the motivation to learn.2.)This trend of ever increasing college tuition has to stop.By the time my kids have kids,you'll probably have to be making 7 figures a year to put your children through college(especially law or medical school)As far as religion goes,I was raised a Catholic,but I say to each his own.I don't believe a true "god" would condemn someone for not knowing about him/her/it.And for those that know about Christianity and choose the religion they were raised with...Would you be a Christian if you had a Hindu family,were raised a Hindu,had grown up with Hindu friends,and practiced nothing but the Hindu religion your whole life,and then some missionary came along?Maybe.Maybe not.
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