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    Question Top 10

    Top 10....

    AO's front page list Top 10s (except banned and close to ban).

    Regarding antipoint earners, tutorial writers, postings... How this is being rated. I am observing the same AOers got listed.

    Can anybody???

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    You know what...I've noticed that every time I look, it's the same people. I wonder how this is shown??? Good question Neo. If you find out before anyone else, post it please...
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    Well, with the top 10 posters, it won't change that much simply because each of the posters who are top now keep posting - look at souleman, he is still top cos he keeps posting. It's not like 'top poster over the last month' or whatever - its simply top poster. Same with APs, same with tutorials, same with threads. That is why it hardly ever changes. This is all to the best of my knowledge, so if I have made a mistake someone please correct me


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    Thats how it goes, basically just the same people will remain as they have been here a long long time so if they keep posting nobody's going jump ahead.

    If you want to climb the Top 10's I recommend just sticking around a long time, get possie AP's and write a lot of tutorials, the two go hand in hand.

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