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    Post Personal Webserving V1.0

    Personal Webserving V1.0

    Opening Message: Hey All, this is a tutorial for all those people who want to host website's off their own computer. I hope this will answer a few questions and will be provided as a step by step kind of guide. Enjoy!

    Step 1 First, you'll need a computer. DUH! But, the type and components are issue's with webhosting because you want alot of memory, space, ram, etc etc. Now, try freeing up space on a computer by deleting unwanted/uneeded files. My personal recommendation is to get one computer and make the whole purpose of it to act as a webserver. Doing this, you will delete most files and only use space for the webserver.

    Step 2Second step is Connection. Now, you always want to have either a BroadBand or a kind of connection called a T1 connection. The cheaper of the two would DEFINITElY be broadband and that is mainly what personal webservers use. (That or DSL) Now, you want to try to make sure that the connection works and everything because the last thing you want is for it to go out while your hosting people some space.

    Step 3 Is Reliability. You need to worry about is having it online. It is hard for some computers to stay on 24/7 so you want to make sure it is online all the time. You need to moniter it, secure it (which ill get into later) and you need to select a good OS. Now, my personal choice is either RedHat Linux or Windows 2k advanced server. With those choices, you will have a successful "hosting" OS so to speak. Another step is to moniter your server actively. Be sure to patch all of your software and to have up to date software for your webserver.

    Step 4 The last part of part one of this 3 part series is Server Software. Now, my personal choice would be to use Apache. From what I know, 78% of websites worldwide use it and it is very popular. you can download it at http://www.apache.org. It is very good software and has simple installation in it. For more information about Apace Servers or Building and Managing a Good Website check out these tutorials!

    How to Build and Manage a Good Website V.1

    Creating Apache Subdomains

    These will help you with Creating subdomains with apache for your webserver and building and managing good websites. Now, to put it in short duke: You want a computer with lots of memory and space, you want a good connection such as broadband, you need to moniter it and update it when it comes, and you need the software, Apache, for it. Installing apache is also an easy task and such would be in Apache's manual. Now, I know some of you may be like, " Well now what? " Well, this is only going to be part 1/3 tutorials on Personal Webserving. I will go more into installing apache and more into "modding" so to speak the httpd conf file of apache. Then we will get to hosting pages, and putting up the pages on your new server. This was just a beginneer's tutorial on the way it will go and the steps needed. So remember to try to get a computer and let it be your "Webserver". Try to free up space and remember to get a good connection.

    More in depth stuff will be discussed next tutorial such as, like I said, Installing Apache, Modding files to better your webserver, Maintaining that Webserver, and Securing your Webserver. This will all be in the next release of... Personal WebServing 101 V.2!

    Closing Comment : I hope you enjoyed it. I too understand that it will be a longer series than expected and that between school and work that I haven't had lots of time for tutorials. However, I can promise that next issue in this series will go more in-depth and whatnot into installion and securing the webserver. This tutorial was ment to be sort of a Basic Step guide for newbies to act so they know what they need to do to get ready for hosting. I will have v.2 out within a matter of 5 days. Here is the "hopefully" schedule for my next few tutorials.

    5 Days: Personal Webserving V.2

    1 week: History of C and C++

    2 weeks: How to Build and Manage a good Website V.2

    3-4 weeks: Personal Webserving V.3

    I hope you all enjoyed it! Take care! -- JCHostingAdmin

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    Nice tut. JC....looking forward to the next one and maybe a little IIS info too!
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    Thanks allenb1963! Well, here's the deal. I do apache because for two reasons. One is that I know **** about IIS and two is that I know alot of Apache. I will try my hardest to learn enough about IIS to put together a tutorial for it but it wouldn't come out for awhile. I'll try my hardest though bro . Thanks again!

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    This is yet, as I have noticed, another great tutorial from a member of AntiOnline. I have come to see that when people here write original tutorials, they come out very good. Kudos to you JCHostingAdmin.

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    hey JC u typed this in that small amount of time AO has been up geez u do type fast good tutorial to m8 keep em coming
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    Actually, this tutorial was released the day/morning before AO went out. Sorry to disapoint you, but I don't type that fast. So yeah, thanks for the good tutorial comment, I appreciate it. However, I wrote it like two days ago. Thanks though! -- Jason Copeland

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    JC: --- not bad... perhaps a better outline of the various bandwidth connections and such (the higher upstream of a T vs. broadband, static vs. dynamic IP's and dns... he he... I'll wait till 2.0)

    actually, if ya got any info on the nuances of apache's win32 version I'd love to see those pop up, someone asked me questions about that today and all I could say was... errr... I use bsd..... eh... win some ya lose some....
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    Well, THEJRC, your right and because I need more time than expected, 2.0 might not be out as soon as I thought it would. Got college this week and everything and I'll have less time on AO, let alone to write a strong and informative tutorial. I want it to be twice the quality as this one (or any other one) So It might take awhile so I can perfect it (well try to ) Thank's THEJRC!! -- Jason Copeland

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    How do you do it JC?
    Good tut after good tut!

    Not kissing ass, just WELL impressed.

    Nice one bruva


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    How do I do it? Good question.. See, most of my tutorials (except VB ones and How To Manage and Apache Subdomains) all came from inspiration. Remember, I wrote most of my tutorials in the summer, when I didn't have school. Now that school is here, tutorials might not be like one every two weeks or whatever. So yeah, thanks for the compliment, I will try to make my future one's better. Thank you! -- Jason Copeland

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