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    corporate donations

    Prominent charities and many of America's cultural icons, including the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, received gifts of $1 million or more from scandal-tainted executives and their companies.

    Politicians aren't the only ones who have accepted money from crooked executives.
    This scandal just won't go away.
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    Too true - I know here in Australia that any donations of more than $2 can be claimed back on your tax return, I assume there is a similar sort of provision in the US. When you can donate one million dollars to a charity or similar organisation, it cuts down on your tax bill *and* gets you free publicity. Your organisation is seen to be 'helping out the community' et cetera. It's a pity then, that these donations are tainted by the fact that they are really just clever marketing decisions - what corporation would donate a million dollars to a charity out of the goodness of its heart?

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    Oh, most definitely, this is rampant in America. In my neck of the woods, you can follow the "dirty money" all the way up and up and up, until you find that, directly or indirectly associated with all kinds of scams - even drugs and money laundering...it's wild!
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