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Thread: ASP/Java Chatbox?

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    Question ASP/Java Chatbox?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm looking for a live chatbox to put on my site. But I have no idea how these things work. Any suggestions how to do this? Maybe ASP or Java. Any help would be appreciated on how to find one for free. I would also like it to connect to IRC. Hey, i'm demanding, I know.


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    Java's probably your best option. However, I seem to remember that you're pretty good with Flash. I don't know if you could make a chat program in Flash, but you could try.
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    check out the shoutbox they have there.
    i also found other apps that let you put a "chatroom" on your page, and some are free, but they may be slow because they have to use a specific chat server...
    sorry i can't remember the urls, or the names of the programs.
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    php if you wish

    if you wanted, you could do it in php, i already started a thread about it here
    and it has helped me alot, enjoy!


    keep me posted if you find out how to do it in java or anything else, thanks
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    I'd like to try a flash one, but I think it would be hard. I'd love to see one, and if anyone would like to take a shot at it, please do. Anyways, follow danis's advice I guess because I know a couple solution's to it. Also, I can set one up for you or whatever, so PM me. Take care! -- Jason Copeland

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    Before I get banned, maybe I would like to at least help someone.
    I am sort of, well, 'well-versed' in Flash and am currently working on multi-user applications.
    Firstly, you need a socket server.
    This is moock's one: http://www.moock.org/unity/
    The socket server can be writen in many languages - Perl, Java, Python, C++ etc.
    Here is an example of one written in Perl: http://www.cab.u-szeged.hu/local/doc...etExample.html
    Then, you need a XML connection between Flash and the server.


    On top are a few links which you might find useful.
    Flash rocks!

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