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Thread: How big is your dict? Dictionary that is! (word lists for password cracking) Links???

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    Cool How big is your dict? Dictionary that is! (word lists for password cracking) Links???

    hey folks.

    So far I have a few dictionary files, one is 200K words long nad the other is almost a million (8 megs uncompressed txt file)

    I really want somthing larger, that encompases pretty much every known latin based language dictionary, so that would mean every 'european' language its variations and pretty much anything else that isnt asian or crylic.

    I had back in the day a 5 million word 40 meg dicitionary file, but i lost it and my google web searches arnt really finding what im looking for.

    I'm using this dictionary file with LC4 btw

    I figured someone here would pop up and brag about how 'big' their dict is... dictionary that is

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    Heh...if you're looking for a dictionary for cracking purposes, you can probably forget about looking here. 'Cracking' is frowned on here, and you will find very few individuals willing to assist with it. I know I'm not gonna help, as then I run the risk of helping aiding who wants to compromise my system, unless you can give me a valid reason as to why you should have a word list to crack passwords with. (I can't wait to hear this one....)
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    i think if you are looking into cracking, your "dict" isnt too large. if you have to go so low as to crack someone elses passwd with a file that does it for you.

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    well I must say that you asked on the wrong site, but if by some strange twist of fait you are going to use this "dict" for some valid reason then prove it. If you only want this to break into a system that doesn't belong to you then I would tell you to goto www.brutforcingisforl4m3r5.net enjoy

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