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Thread: Lobbying for insecurity

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    Lobbying for insecurity

    Anything which encourages the use or development of proprietary systems that are difficult to certify for even the most basic levels of security creates additional risk to computer systems; reducing government support for security development for any widely- available and widely-used operating system creates additional risk; and suppressing the development of a competitor's secure software on the basis of market concerns creates a security risk for your customers as well as your competitor's customers.

    ! this is a realy good read !
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    This is a great article and it shows what we have to lose and to fear if we let companies like Microsoft dictate the future of security standards.

    The NSA went a long way in developing a secure version of linux, and it shows what the open source community is capable of. We as a public cannot allow companies like Microsoft to make their bottom line more important than our security. I hope that the days are numbered for proprietary OS technology.

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