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Thread: Lost In The Dark

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    Lost In The Dark

    Last night was a huge rain storm whare I live. I was looking threw the AO tuts and thought I better print them out, due to the fact that I dont have _any_ power protectiong yet. No sooner did the last page finish printing then the power whent out. I was reading tuts by candle light last night in an hour long blackout. This just gos to show you, Always have hard copys or strong backups!!

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    Good point, I keep a binder of all the tutorials I print out, with an index so I can find what I'm looking for, plus it helps when im working on my programming box and don't have access to my folder of tutorials on my main computer.
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    I do the same thing. Itís great for silent reading in school.

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    You should try spending a little time in S. MO.The storms here can be horrible and frequent.Even when the rest of the world's having severe droughts you can bet it will be raining here,and you've got to have good surge protection,conditioners,and backups if you live in the middle of a national forest like I do.
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    They don't cost much, but do a world of good for your system...

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