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Thread: Wish Me Luck

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    Cool Wish Me Luck

    Hello all...
    It has been a while since i post a forum..been in the chatroom alot tho. :P
    Just wanted to say hi and say that i finally bought VB and VB for Dummies. :P
    So far so good...reading the book like it was made for 2nc graders. Only on chapter 3 tho, but doing good...Wish me luck on learn VB and i will be sure to come ta you guys if i have any questions

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    Black-Mage21, like with any other venture into the wild, wild world of learning a whole new language I wish you the best of luck. Right now, I am learning C++, and it was going very very well until I had to learn to flowchart and develop my own ideas from scratch; oh and the pesky pointers and arrays inside subroutines (bah!!).

    Have fun! -albn

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    currently I am studying C,
    but i have got no development software,
    if any body know where to get please tell me

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    TURBOWEST, I have a free software list for you:

    UNIX: www.kdevelop.org

    Windows: www.bloodshed.net
    www.borland.com (the FREE compiler, but no IDE)

    Hope this helps.

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    When you first learn to program it is very exciting but then Again its very fusturating. Good luck

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    Thanx albn. The URLs are very useful.

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    VB's pretty simple.You shouldn't have any problems,but good luck anyway.I hope you learned Basic first though.It makes VB a lot easier,and you're able to tweak a lot more stuff.If not,no big deal,but I'd definately recommend it afterwards.
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