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Thread: Supercomputing Speed Barrier

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    Supercomputing Speed Barrier

    Supercomputing Speed Barrier


    Supercomputing speeds continue to rise, with yesterday's fastest machines buried by today's speed kings, but when will supercomputers reach their limits?

    Most experts agree that current barriers to supercomputing speeds -- which are approaching hundreds of teraflops -- will fall. A teraflop equals 1 trillion floating point operations per second.


    how soon before we get that on desktops?
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    Well, I dunno how long it will take to get teraflops on desktops but hey, last week I saw that they are selling dual AMD processor computers for 3000 bucks canadian. (and no, I'm not gonna just run out and buy one since I don't have 3000 bucks to spend on a computer when it doesn't even come with a moniter, keyboard, mouse, OS (which I would make Linux), speakers, scanners, printers, nothing). Oh well, if I had the money, I would buy it...
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    if things keep up the way they are going we should have that kind of speed in desktops, in about twenty years. multiprocessor computers are becoming more common, and inovations like DDR RAM that use the rising and falling edges of the clock pulse to get no more than, yes, double the access rate! shouldn't be long before we see bus speeds in excess of 1Ghz.
    or the industry _could_ take a left, and we could all be topping up the deionised water in our DNA storage devices.
    either way, i can't wait.
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