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    Starband DSL/Linux???

    I want to switch my OS on my server to Linux,but the starband mission control software is designed for windowz and windowz only.Does anyone know of any such software is out there designed for use with Linux?Starband says it doesn't exist,but I'm always sceptical of such statements especially when a company is so obviously buddy-buddy with M$.The only thing I've come across in my search is more people asking the same question.I'm still a newbie to *nix OS's,but the more I mess with them,the more I like them,and I'd really like to make the switch.PLEASE HELP
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    Starband being the satellite service provider? I'm not sure if anything like that exists for Linux. There are tons of Linux/UNIX programs available (many of which are freeware) for users to log into DSL providers (specifically, over the PPPoE protocol). If those aren't what you're looking for, you may want to look into possibly getting a router which will have an "always on" connection to your provider. Then, all you'd have to do, from your Linux workstation, or any other workstation in the building, is plug a cable into the router and your computer and set up the networking properly, and you're on your way.


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