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Thread: Did you know????

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    Did you know????

    Hi guys,
    I had a discussion with a colleage of mine yesterday about the hurried lifestyle we find ourselves in today.It is surprising to know how many people think that your life as such is not affected by it in the long run.Our lives are full of contridictive issues like for exsample,we have bigger houses but smaller family’s ,more leisure but less time on our hands,we think we are more educated but have less knowledge,we have more experts but more problems,we have more medicines than ever before but less healthiness.

    We spend money like water,laugh too little, stay up too late, watch too much TV,and pray too little.We talk too much ,give too little love and lie ever so often.We learn how to live but yet do not know how to live life fully.We went to the moon and back and yet we don’t have the time to go across the road and welcome new neighbours.

    Then there is the so called instant generation.Instant nappies(“this one I think is great, my 2 c”),instant coffee,instant diets,morals etc..etc.., the list is endless.Everything is bigger, not necesseraly better.We have more telecommunication but less communication(importent i think).We have conquered outer space but sacrificed our inner self.Now you would say so what, who care’s.

    Personally I think these contradictive issues were not just being experienced by us, but also by our predicessors and everyone just let life pass them by.What does it help you if you have everything and yet your soul is damaged in the long run, which I think is very importent.

    I hope and trust nobody is offended by this and if so I appologise.I just thought it is worth sharing it with such a vast community. However I do think we have a brilliant community at AO and everything I shared with you was in good faith

    Please give me your views on this.

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    I feel that is very true vman.People have way too much going on at one time any more,and you can see it every day by just walking outside.People in general are stressed out and angry.Gangs everywhere,wars all the time,divorce rates through the roof.There's a lot of people who need to learn how to have a good time out there.I admit I'm a victim of the stresses of society myself,as a matter of fact everyone is at one time or another.The world needs to take a deep breath and count to 10.I glad the world is growing in every sense of the word,but eventually it's gonna have to hit a peak.Hopefully the other side of that peak doesn't have to steep of a downgrade.
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