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Thread: AO club rulez

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    Post AO club rulez

    The first rule of AO club is

    ..:: You do not talk about hacking hotmail!

    The second rule of AO club is

    ..:: You do not talk about hacking hotmail!

    The third rule of AO club is

    ..:: If someone yells stop....goes limp....taps out....quit bitchin about ap's!

    The fourth rule of AO club is

    ..:: Only 3 smilies (( )) per post

    The fifth rule of AO club is

    ..:: Only one post at a time - don't double post the same thread!

    The sixth rule of AO club is

    ..:: No swearing, No L337 5p34|<

    The seventh rule of AO club is

    ..:: Discussions will go on as long as they have to - this doesn't include digging out old threads to balance your aps!

    The eighth rule of AO club is

    ..:: If this is your first night you have to FAQ!!!!!

    ahhh Fight club - great film.....


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    Yes it is a great film. Great book too. Chuck Palahniuk's new book, Lullaby, is coming out tommorrow. All his stuff is a great read.
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    excellent but it would be better if that would be on the signup page too like something that u have to look at like some big ass flash movie hehe
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    1,658 summed that one up nicely....good job v_ln!!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    i am jacks aching diaphragm from laughing so hard.

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    Great rulez. The first two rules are noteworthy. The seventh rule is valid for some of the threads listed in frontpage.

    Anyway... these can be said in other way as.. Do's and Dont's.


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    wait one more....



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    now that was funny v_ln, took me about 2 seconds to realize what movie you were talking about. :P :P :P theres your three, lesse what was rule number 1 again??

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    Lench.. river city ransom rocks

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    Waaaay funny.
    You added all the base rules of the AO Club. But...eehhmmm... there are still some more.

    The ninth rule of AO Club is

    ..:: You do not post in caps.

    The tenth rule of AO Club is

    ..:: Make sure to memorize the last 10 rules and do not ask how to hack hotmail!

    Yeah, Fight club is a great movie.


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