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Thread: Keeping info private by cleaning up IE's mess

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    Keeping info private by cleaning up IE's mess

    I've been trying to figure out what all I need to delete on my machine in order to keep my information private. This mostly regards IE.

    For instance, after browsing the web, what all directories/files should I delete in order to keep my info private. As of now, I go and delete my hotmail and yahoo cookies from the Windows\Cookies directory. Is there anything else that I should be deleting?

    I was thinking maybe the Windows\Temporary Internet Files directory. What about the Content.IE5 sub-directory in this directory?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmmm, I use the Opera browser, but

    I would go into Tools and delete cookies, files, and history. I'd also download something like Proxomitron or something similar


    It will keep referrers off your machine and manage cookies, rid you of pop up ads and a whole lot more. Still, I'd dump everything at the end of each session online. Only takes a few seconds.

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    theres another good program called cache decimator whic pretty much gets rid of all the cached files on your system
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    Boot into DOS and delete the following files-

    C:\WINDOWS\SMARTDRV (Loads smartdrive to speed things up.)
    DELTREE/Y TEMP (This line removes temporary files.)
    DELTREE/Y COOKIES (This line removes cookies.)
    DELTREE/Y TEMP (This removes temporary files.)
    DELTREE/Y HISTORY (This line removes your browsing history.)
    DELTREE/Y TEMPOR~1 (This line removes your internet cache.)

    You can find this info all over the 'net.

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    Thanks everyone. Yeah, I did find some info on this on the net, but I still wanted to get an AO point of view on it. I tried searchin on AO, but the Search just kept hanging up.

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    You might like to try xen


    it is freeware, and is composed of batch utilities and registry files (*.reg)

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