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    dunno wat suitable subject is

    last night i try to open this site but i can't. i thought my comp affected with virus coz im open someone mail from someone i don know but the subject quit interesting for me. so i try to open it just wondering wat it contain. but after i open it, it just a html coding i guess coz it start with <html>. so i just assume it an html file. so wat i do is i copy the file and open it in my Ms frontpage. i thought i can view the contain neither viewing the codes i dont understand. so think that may be my comp affected with virus so i del every file that look weird to me file that window can read. like *.ax, *.slh, etc. had u all heard bout this file b4. as far as i concern i dont think someone can spread virus via html file. wat i know is the can spread the virus using extension like vb, exe and sth that can be excuted.. but b4 i del the file i view the regedit/user to see whether the extension file in my registry. if not just del it all away. and u know wat happen, some of my application stop responding. i cant del my temp internet files. and i need to reinstall win98 again. not done it yet, well i think i'll reinstall it this evening. huh i hate wait about 30 min to reinstall my box. but at least i can learn sth right.

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    last night i try to open this site but i can't
    AO went down for a while, thats why you could not access antionline. A good way to check if it is your computer or just the site is to try going to other sites, if other sites load then its problably just antionline itself.

    if not just del it all away. and u know wat happen, some of my application stop responding
    If you delete important files usch as configuration files(*.ini,*.conf), dynamic link files (*.dll) drivers (*.sys) you will find that programs will stop working.

    Do you have a antivirus? (keep it updated) If you have a good updated antivirus it should have detected the virus and prompted to remove it. If not you may be able to tell what virus you are infected with and download a remover or manualy find the infected files. and remove them.

    If you have a boot disk just pop it in, with the CD and start to install windows, instead of formating, this will overwrite existing files. Make sure you have removed the infected files first otherwise whatever windows puts in will get infected again, provideing that you have not formated.


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    i use norton antivirus and update it freguently. but wat i afraid is, if i been effected by new virus, i don;t think antivirus can detect it. wat i believe they only made a cure if the find the virus isn't. but at least i can learn to be more patient next time

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    you may want to try avg antivirus free for personal use at http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index...efed34f757a669

    it has a heruristics scan that can detect new or unknowan virants and viruses. I use it in combination with f-prot at www.f-prot.com (DOS version is free)

    The University of Hamburg does a test of antivirus software each year,


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