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Thread: Password files

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    Password files

    The question that I want to ask is that when we give password in some identities such as MS-outlook, then where these passwords are stored?, can we get these from that specific file or not? Ans is awaited.....
    vanni narang

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    Yeah, pretty much their stored somewhere in the same directory in which the specific program is being used. Now, obviously you won't find it in a folder called "UserPasswords" or anything, but it should be there, and not neccissarily in a .pwl format.

    But then again, if you go about bruteforcing it doesn't really matter where the password file is stored...
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    Two things, dude. Firstly, this isn't the right place to post this question.
    And secondly, I think they're stored in various .pwl files. But these files are very likely to be heavily encrypted, so just "getting" the passwords out of them might nor be a very easy thing to do.

    WebCarnage, MS's own applications, for example even the default inet dailer saves it in .pwls, right? I thought only other software vendors put their password in files other than .pwl. Isn't .pwl the standard for MS?
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    why do u need it anyway?

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