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Thread: Extracting information from the client using flash

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    Extracting information from the client using flash

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    Extracting information from the client using flash:

    sometimes it is helpful to know more about those who visit
    your webpages,so you can actually control them a little bit
    or use the information for your own good!!

    javascript is one of the easiest ways you can gather informaion
    about your visitors,but it is not exactly the easiest way to
    do so.

    Flash MX has introduced a new feature that gives you the scope
    of gathering some information about the clients,but you can not
    use this feature to extract as much information as you could
    if you were using javascript.

    This feature is the System capabilities which you can use to
    extract information about the client's OS,Language,flash version,
    Availability of audio encoders,Mp3 decoders,video encoders,....

    As this is not that much complex,i will not discuss every
    detail and just provide you with the action script you need to
    add to your flash projects.

    (you need to assign these expression to variables)

    System.capabilities.os this will return the operating system of
    the client(string).

    System.capabilities.language returns the language of the clientnotice(the player can only detect 20 languages and if the language is detected other than this 20 languages it will return XU)(string)

    System.capabilities.manufacturer returns a string containing "Macromedia"(cinstant) added to the name of the client's operating system

    System.capabilities.hasMP3 returns a boolean (true/false)if the booleanis true it shows the Availablity of MP3 decoders

    System.capabilities.version returns a string that shows the flash version

    There are more values you can use but i do not have time to go over all
    of them and there is no reason for doing so,you can probably take care of the rest.

    by:Black Death Kernel32 web development unit

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    AFAIK, you can get a fair bit of this out of Javascript. It varies somewhat between user agents, but

    - The navigator object tells you a fair amount about the system (what OS, version, browser version etc, availability of certain things like Java)
    - The navigator plugins tells you stuff (but probably only in Netscape / Mozilla browsers)
    - The screen resolution and colour depth can be determined.
    - In IE there are doubtless dozens of other things that can be found out by using various scriptable activeX components - certainly the versions of some of them + other info.

    Certainly the flash version and availability of mp3 player (if it's a plugin anyway) could be found by Javascript.

    IMHO JS is much easier because you don't need an expensive tool to author it.

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    these are some of the things you can extract from the client using js.

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

    <!-- Begin
    var xy = navigator.appVersion;
    xz = xy.substring(0,4);
    document.write("<center><table border=1 cellpadding=2><tr><td>");
    document.write("<center>", navigator.appName,"");
    document.write("<center><table border=1 cellpadding=2><tr>");
    document.write("<td>Code Name: </td><td><center>");
    document.write("[b]", navigator.appCodeName,"</td></tr>");
    document.write("<tr><td>Version: </td><td><center>");
    document.write("<tr><td>Platform: </td><td><center>");
    document.write("[b]", navigator.platform,"</td></tr>");
    document.write("<tr><td>Pages Viewed: </td><td><center>");
    document.write("[b]", history.length," </td></tr>");
    document.write("<tr><td>Java enabled: </td><td><center>[b]");
    if (navigator.javaEnabled()) document.write("sure is!</td></tr>");
    else document.write("not today</td></tr>")
    document.write("<tr><td>Screen Resolution: </td><td><center>");
    document.write("[b]",screen.width," x ",screen.height,"</td></tr>");
    // End -->

    there are other information you can get using js and as i have said before js is much stronger than Flash .

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