Hi everyone,

I have built a personal "webserver box" so I can improve my skills in security and win2k administration. This box will soon be connected to T1 bandwidth. It is running Win2k Server.
The projects I want to work on are: SQL database languages, PHP, IIS 5, Apache Server, and the M$ .NET platforms including, but not limited to, the newly released AspNetForums. I want to build a message board like AO (just for fun ), only using the aforementioned Asp alternitive, and an "auction/classifieds" site in the lines of ebay's popular site.

What I want from anyone who decides to add to this thread are their own opinion's and experiences in web development along these lines, I have all of the resources I need to accomplish this, tutorials, books for reference, etc. Just YOUR ideas , views, experiences, blah, blah, blah....

I am only myself and I don't have any friends, peers, teachers, etc. to call on for advice that can give me any useful incites on this subject...except , of course, all of you here at AO.