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    IntenseSchool CHCP

    Attended the IntenseSchool CHCP Boot Camp. This is their own cert, developed and taught by military info warfare experts, including Shon Harris. It's also relatively new.
    (CHCP=CERTIFIED HACKING AND COUNTERMEASURES PROFESSIONAL) This cert may be grandfathered into a new open source security cert based upon the OSSTMM, which is being developed.


    The Boot Camp was held in Florida, at the Wyndham Bonaventure Resort & Spa. Breakfast, lodging, lunch, snacks, materials, and some dinners were included. The hotel had the worst service I've ever experienced. IntenseSchool is aware of the problem and is taking steps to remedy this.

    There were about 12 people in the class, which was held in a large room with plenty of snacks. A target windows network was set up, and we all had computers to work from.

    This is the outline of the course from their website:

    1.Fundamental Hacking Methodology
    Footprinting, Scanning, Enumeration, Penetration, Root Access Privilege Escalation, Concealment, Back Door creation

    2. Fundamental Hacking Techniques
    Examples: Cracking, Sweeping, SYN flooding, audit log manipulation, eavesdropping, DNS Zone Transfer, War Driving, War Dialing
    Common Attacks: Man-in-the-middle, DoS, DDoS, IP Spoofing, Social Engineering, Sniffing, Brute Force and Dictionary, Buffer Overflows, Smurf, Fraggle, Teardrop, newtear, bonk, syndrop, Keystroke Logging, Trojans, Backdoors

    3. Key Hacking Tools
    Examples: L0phtcrack, Bindery, Epdump, Finger, Userdump, Sam Spade, ARIN database, WHOIS database, WS_ Ping Pack Pro, SNMPsniff, NTFSDOS, Pwdump2, Zap, Wipe, CyberCop, Nmap, Solarwinds, PhoneSweep

    4. Countermeasure Techniques and Tools
    Technique Examples: Patching, Honey Pots, Honey Pot accounts, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Packet Filtering, Traffic Analysis, Encryption, auditing, alerting
    Tool Examples: BlackICE, CyberCop Monitor, Secure Shell (SSH)

    In addition to this, we all set up Snort, MySQl and Acid as one of the labs. We spent the day learning the material and during the evening we did labs with the tools we had learned about.

    This was a very HANDS ON course--we learned how to use common hacking tools and attack a network. It was very much Windows oriented. It was 6 days, and the test was difficult.

    I recommend this course without reservation.

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    Wow. The way you described it, I am very interested. Just curious, did you pass the exam? Great review...thanks for the information.
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    Originally posted here by t2k2
    Wow. The way you described it, I am very interested. Just curious, did you pass the exam? Great review...thanks for the information.
    Yes, I barely passed.

    Also, on the morning of the test we all got on a rented bus with a laptop and did some wardriving down to the beach.

    I can't recommend that class enough--I learned so much about network security.

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