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Thread: pulp fiction

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    Question pulp fiction

    hello ppl i was watching pulp fiction earlier *hey its old now but still a good movie* so i t got to the end and when the briefcase is opened *cmon you know the part* and every time i rack my brain trying to descover what this precious thing is so that is the question for all who have seen the movie please leave answers on what is in the briefcase in pulpfiction well i have considered a lot of possibilities and i think it is the holy grail

    *p.s no flames cosmos remeber*
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    Well my fav theory is that the briefcase contained Marsellu's soul
    I also did the google thing and found a lot of theories most dont fit into the plot
    So i am sticking to my theory
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    Yeah, that's what I always believed, titanmike. Hmmm...I guess that's why there's a bandaid on the back of his neck.

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    this might interest you....

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    I'd go for the soule too..


    The glow..

    Also when the bad guys (brad, sorry die (after the ezekiel part) you see a orangey halo glow apear ! !

    just my 0.02
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