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Thread: BlackICE and slow startup

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    BlackICE and slow startup

    Yes, yes. It is true. I once used the downgraded BlackICE defender firewall. And I am still suffering from the mistake: Ever since I installed the firewall, my system has been slow to startup. I have a HP 1.3 Celeron with XP Home. Yes, I know XP and Celeron are inherently slow when used together, however things (startup in particular) got even [blur]slower[/blur] . Is BlackICE linked to my slow startup? (remember, the slow startup was in conjunction with my installation of BlackICE)
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    check to see if any of the blackice processes are still starting up. Such as blackice.exe or blackd.exe. If they are either delete them or preventing them from stating up.

    that is the only reason I could think that would be slowing down ur system.
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    Those were my suggestions, too. I, too, am a refugee of BlackIce. I now use Sygate and am happy and content. It's light on resource use and, along with the other stuff I have installed, does its job, and I'm running a 700mhz processor with 384RAM.

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