I am useing dev-c++ on a Windows 98 SE OS

In the help menu for dev-cpp is an option to customize the menu, initialy there are no help files, and you simply use the customize help menu to add hlp files to your list.

I have found a Win 32 API refernce hlp file and one for Winsock. But I am un able to find one documenting the C library functions.

I have a book I can use for some refernce but not all functions are listed,

at the web site for dev-cpp there is a section of online documentation and tutorials, which I can use, but I find it easyer to look up the functions I want in a help file.

Useing goolge I found the Win API hlp file and winsock help file. (*.hlp)

Does anyone know where I can download one for functions such as printf, itoa, memalloc...?

I prefer offline documentation rather then online.