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Thread: Microsoft security patches

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    Microsoft security patches

    Knowing that every month Microsoft releases patches to patch security holes amungst other things.

    After reading about the Ping of death atack at http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com...822096,00.html

    I noticed a link to a definition for jolt, and near the end was explained that you must download a patch for windows 95 and 98 users.

    I preform a Microsoft Update every month, being sure to check off the critical updates. My question is:

    Does the critical updates patch all of the security vulnerabilities that they had became aware of, or are there seperate security patches that one must get?

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    For some reason, I want to say that the updates don't patch everything that has been found out. I find that I get locations for even more patches from mailing lists such as Bugtraq which I signed up for at the Security Focus website. Check them out here .

    Happy Patching!

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    [glowpurple]Microshafts Updates Aren't Enough[/glowpurple]

    I suggest also that you visit www.regedit.com, and the security section on that site.

    There are many registry entries that are required and security settings to be placed on your system.

    As well as good applications like blackice defender or Personal Firewall and a good anti virus application as we all know.

    But the key I at least hope is to employ all the security features as much as possible that come with your system, of course you will never plug every hole, but good guidelines like renaming the administrator account to something that does not even resemble it and ensuring the guest account is disabled etc, but you can get these from the site already mentioned above, happy securing...

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    I think it's a race. MS and the other OS's release patches and the bad guys find other ways. I don't think there's any way to be absolutely safe unless we all turn off our computers and go back to manual typewriters. I'd have said electric typewriters, but somebody may have found a way through the electrical cord. The best we can hope for is to stay a half step ahead of "them."

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    Lightbulb Microsoft Software Update

    Check that shyte out. I just thought it may help a few people.
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