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Thread: tranfer file from url to hd

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    tranfer file from url to hd

    refer to this thread http://www.antionline.com/showthread...postid=568515. sorry i dunno how to link it. so if someone can teach me. well i have upload the file i want in the url. im using angelfire.com. now i try to move all the file to my hd but dunno how. i try the tranloader but i don't understand wat is was and dunno where my file transloader to.it's i need to use the transloader option, but if is that option how should i load to my hd.thank 4 ur help

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    What is a transloader?

    The Transloader is a nifty little tool that lets you copy content from anywhere else in the Web directly into your member directory. It's especially useful if you have a WebTV or similar appliance, because WebTVs don't have hard drives and therefore can't copy files with File Upload or FTP. Use the Transloader to quickly assemble content from all over the place in your directory.
    For example, while you're off one day roaming the Web, you come across an image gallery with a neat 3D animation of Pikachu that you simply must have for your Pokemon page. If the image gallery indicates that the images are free, it's okay for you to copy the image. Now, you can save the image to your hard drive by clicking your right mouse button on the image, save it to your hard drive, and upload it to Angelfire with FTP or File upload.

    But why not do it in one simple step with the Transloader? Just get the URL of the image (easy using Netscape - just right-click on it and View the image), then go back to the Web Shell, type the URL into the Transloader, and click Move It! Voila - it's yours! Using the Transloader is quicker and easier than going through the Upload or FTP process, and it works even if you use WebTV. But if you are moving lots of files, or already have the files on your hard drive, File Upload or FTP is probably a better call.

    To load a file from somewhere else on the Web using the Transloader, you must select the file by typing the file's URL into the "File URL" input box. Then click Move it! The file will be saved in your Angelfire directory according to the last portion of the URL - for example, if you chose http://images.sonique.com/banners/mini-scroll1.gif, the file would be saved into your member directory as mini-scroll1.gif. You can change the name that the file is saved as by specifying your own filename in the "File name" field. (For example, you could save mini-scroll1.gif as sonique.gif in your directory.) You will need to check the "Overwrite" box if you want to overwrite a file that has the same filename as the one you are transloading.
    The Transloader is also the only way for WebTV users to copy files to their Angelfire directory.
    Click View button to view a particular file and right-click to save it to disk. This is the way you can transfer file to your HD.

    I suggest Yahoo! Briefcase. Its a cool way of handling files to and from HDD. Refer the thread http://www.antionline.com/showthrea...&postid=568515.

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    Do you really need a transloader for this purpose .. ??

    As far as i understand from Ur posting that U got (one or two) files in Ur web server and want to save it to Ur disk.
    Just open up the page in browser, right click on the link to that file and choose save taget.
    Locate ur target location and it will be downloaded soon.

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