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Thread: Infecting SubSeven in a Windows computer

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    Infecting SubSeven in a Windows computer

    I need putting SubSeven trojan server on a windows machine, cuestion of lovers. I tried social engineering (a fake of hotmail) but did not work. Then I would like to infect by hacking (opening) a port (I known its IP) and manipulate register, win.ini, system.ini or so. I am newbie, so :
    ¿How could find information about?
    ¿How would be the best procedure for it?

    Thanks, jaime6644@hotmail.com

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    this is a security site we try to stop stupid kiddies like you from spreding virii trojans and such through the internet

    so im including a pic just for you
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    But seriously, two astoundingly stupid questions in quick succession - can't somebody fix the keywords and metatags?
    Also fix the title bar - "Hacking and Hackers" - can you blame s'kiddies for asking questions like this?


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    Its your first post (not a good one i may add) so hopefully you'll realise that this site is NOT for you and leave before you get banned.

    BTW Thanx for putting a smile on my face with this idiotic post


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    Wrong conception about our site

    I feel sorry for people who have taken Antionline - Computer Securty - Hacking & Hackers in the wrong sense. The is purely a security site.

    Refer my earlier post

    I would strongly recommend JP to go for a change in the punch line of this extremely positive and worth-joining forum.

    Hackers Know The Weaknesses In Your System, Shouldn't You? to

    True Hackers Know The Weaknesses In Your System, Shouldn't You?

    It is very much important to distinguish true hackers from hackers. Becoz, most of the people join with the opinion that this is the right place to know the secrets and tips for hacking.

    I pity.
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