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Thread: i think i have a aim virus.....help.

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    i think i have a aim virus.....help.

    I was chatting with a friend when a messegecame up(as if i wrote it) that i didn't type.
    This happened many time. it said things like psss, then it had what seemed to be a ip
    adress that when clicked on lead to a website. can anyone help me get rid of it...

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    Well, AOL has a ton of people out there that spam via AIM. It doesn't really sound like a virus or anything. Ignore those things when they come up.

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    If you get a new AIM account, those things will stop. I guess.


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    There are multiple AIM spamers and hacks out there... In all likelyhood you got spamed by some kiddie trying his "new toy"... If you think it is a virus your best deal would be to make sure your virus scanner has up to date definitions and run a full system scan since as far as I know 99% of the AIM viri are known...
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    Spam, I get spam via email, fax, snail mail and messenger services. Damn annoying but part of life. Ignore it.

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    Re: i think i have a aim virus.....help.

    Originally posted here by beast425
    then it had what seemed to be a ip adress that when clicked on lead to a website. can anyone help me get rid of it...
    when you click on the IP and the browser loads the page, did you see a web page? or something like "navigation canceled" ?
    If a web page loaded then as others said it is a spam ( really anoying ) , but if no pages load then the IP is the senders IP who want to know your IP. ( more anoying ).
    see, when you click that IP you will send a get command to that IP ( which is a user online, NOT a website ) then something like his/her firewall or some programs which can listen to a specific port will show your IP.
    This is used by script kiddies for DoS attack or when they've send someone a trojan and the only thing they want now is his IP address.
    So never click on this type of addresses.

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    No no no, you guys don't get his question.

    I know what yer talking about, beast, and it's a virus. What it does is send commands/messages to friends you're talking to from your screenname when you don't really type them in. The IP address you see popping up is a link to a site and in the source of the site is the code that is causing your problem. When your friends click on it, they get the virus as well.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Oh, and how to get rid of it is to 1) delete your temp int files and cookies, cache, etc.. 2) reinstall AIM

    This should make it all good again.

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    That "virus" that everyone is talking about, well it's really a trojan not a virus because it doesn't infect files but thats not the point. You can view McAfee's information on it at http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_99437.htm

    The information they give you should really be enough for you to figure out how to remove it, if not a good up to date virus scanner should do the trick.

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    First, try getting a new screen name, then if that doesn't work, do a full system anti-virus scan.

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