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Thread: Put linux on your resume.

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    Wink Put linux on your resume.

    I always put linux on my resume, and still I only get the crappy jobs.
    Perhaps the "uitzendbureaus" don't know what the hell it means.
    Is that a new version of windows??

    Who of you here have got a "real" Linux/unix (paid)job ? ?

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    i've tried to explain linux (and unix for that matter) to my supervisor at work, but he's convinced that if it's not windows, it must be macintosh.

    he also think that if a program isn't located on his desktop then it must not be on his computer. so whenever i install anything, i have to make sure there's an icon linked to it on the desktop where he can find it.
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    At my last job we ran both windows and unix (mostly solaris) boxes for all types of e-commerce related tasks. Currently at this one we have linux boxes dedicated to certain duties.
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    Hay, seeing that you are from the Netherlands use UNIX instead of Linux. It really helps... I don't know about other countries but Linux isn't getting the credits it deserves down here.

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    well If I had the choice the place I work would be linux....but Windows has grabed a hold of this place.............but I'm in a unix class right now and the first thing im going to do is put it on my resume.
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    That's a good idea, JinX - if you know it, why not promote yourself even more, even if the person interviewing you for the job has no clue what Linux even is...

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    The article brings up a good point about networking with user groups and such. I will have to remember that when/if I get back on the market. Right now, I am getting some valuable experience. We don't use Linux/Unix on many systems, but it's just enough to help me with my learning...and then there is what I play with at home...be encouraged Jinx...the market is very rough right now from what I hear...I have a coworker that was out of work for about 12 months before he got the job with my company, and he has plenty of Linux/Unix experience (they only brought him in as a Tech, but I am sure that he will move up fast - very dynamic indivdual) sometimes, it's all about attitude...I know you'll get what you want...your posts say it all
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