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    help(windows internal files)

    The zip file(image inside) attached to this thread shows the source extracted from windows (My Documents folder) as you can see it consists of HTML tags and objects, the source uses some active x controlers too.
    I copy pasted this source to a normal HTML page without any change and used IE to preview the file,but it
    caused some errors and did not act like i had expected.(I thought it would get me to mydocument folder)
    now my question is how dose windows Distinguish the difference between the file I made and its internal files?
    please don't neg i have already got -100 antipoints from the last time i posted somthing here!!!

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    Humm, I can not underestand what you mean exactly, you should explain more, eg. where did you get this file from? and what do you mean by "internal file" ... and why your attachment is with double file extension ( *.zip.php ) ....
    I just can say that the HTMLs which contains Active x might be a risk, and the second thing is that to NOT use IE

    Btw don't worry being banned needs 400 negs, I guess
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    I have to agree with Unleashed on this one. You say that you extracted the source from Windows. You mean the source which displays the folder contents, right? The reason it's not working for you is because you don't have any of the dependencies which Windows accesses when it generates a page for you in Explorer. If you want to do what they do, you're going to have to write it yourself, from scratch.


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    internal files

    widows has two main kinds of files :
    internal files can not be extracted or decompiled
    external files are those that you can view and even edit
    internal files are used for main functions of windows and they generate most files seen
    by the user.
    now about the extraction of the source:
    i extracted the source from the pages windows generates using an old bug which you could use to view text on the hard drive from intrnet explorer.

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    The problem statement is not clear. More information is required. What kind of source you had extracted.

    Let me know what you mean by internal file and external file.

    The image show the windows functions and its descriptions. Its all about icon and its descriptions (these will be displayed in left panel of Windows explorer)

    wvline.gif is the file used to display a image that appears top-left of the right pane in Win. Explorer. Your desktop icon size is set to Large. You can find this in Display Properties>Effects.


    Clearly explain what you did.

    My suggestion.... IMHO, Never do this. It protrays you in a wrong way. If you feel you did a mistake... learn from it. Do not repeat

    please don't neg i have already got -100 antipoints from the last time i posted somthing here!!!

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