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Thread: tutorial iplog on linux??

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    tutorial iplog on linux??

    hi guys..
    I'm tring to set up my iplog on my linux box.
    Anyone knows how to set it up?
    I've downloaded iplog already in my box..but I think I have to make some "rules" or "configuration"....maybe.??(cause I don't know how to write it).
    I've tried to find out in any websites..but I couldn't find tutorial about iplog??
    Thank's ..guyss

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    I believe you have to make the necessary changes in the /etc/iplog.conf file to tell iplog which interface to listen to i.e. ppp0 (modem) eth0 (NIC) .... also iplog needs to write the output to a file which I think by default is /var/log/iplog .... if this file doesn't exist a "touch /var/log/iplog" will create it. After updating the .conf file and creating the file to record output - restart iplog with a /etc/init.d/iplog restart should do the trick.

    On the commandline a "tail -f /var/log/iplog" will output the last 20 entries (I think) and will update live as the hits roll in.

    Hope this helps .... if iplog is not writing to the /var/log/iplog file check file permissions to ensure it is allowed to.

    I did write a small tutorial on parsing iplog info to a webpage if you are interested;




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