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    10 Reasons to make a computer your valentine!

    1. A Computer can wait for you forever.

    2. A Computer does not compare you with itís past users

    3. A Computer does not mind if you have a Computer at home and in the office.

    4. A Computer wonít say lets just be friends.

    5. You can mute the computer whenever you want.

    6. Itís easy to turn on a computer.

    7. You never have to say sorry no matter what you do to it.

    8. You donít have to give it expensive Valentine gifts, New Year gifts, Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts.

    9. You can upgrade your computer if you are not satisfied with its performance or specifications.

    10. Theres always Ctrl + Alt + Del.
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    not bad
    when floods come fishes eat ants
    when floods go down ants eat fish
    life is like that........

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    Have you seen a Power pack inside a box FRY???

    Loved that top 10...

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