Hello everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to explain what I did over my summer, aside from working. The local elementary school here in my home town often offers reading and art classes over the summer for students who would like to take part and give them something to do other than being bored. My neice mentioned that the school was looking into setting up some type of voluntary computer class to show students the proper way to operate a PC, I mentioned that I would volunteer my time to the class. It started out as a "Safe surf" class for students and parents alike and would cover methods of preventing your kids from viewing porn and other material as well as avoiding downloading virus' and such. The question of how to design a homepage/small website was brought up and I briefly touched base on html and other web design lanquages and the class loved it. They ended up spending the class time learning html and making small homepages *in notepad mind you*. These were fourth, fifth and sixth graders learning html and taking this knowledge home to their families. These kids amazed me. I am by no means under estimating the intelligence of the youth but I have to admit I was totally taken aback. It was an excellent learning experience for them as well as myself. The school has now decided to start a website for the school and let the children design random pages for the site as well. I think that is excellent. Well, thats how my summer went. Has anyone else volunteered time and service to anything like this? If not I recommend it. Its a great feeling. Have a good one!