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    Woot... I have a vote... erm... Thanks.

    This is a counterproductive poll, flagrantly designed to hurt the community! (Translation: I might lose, and I wouldn't want that to happen, so let's just cancel it...)
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    This is unbelievable! AO is a community, communities do not go around trying to determine everyone's worth to the community. Everyone contributes in their own ways. Some more some less but everyone contributes.

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    lets just let this useless thread die!

    ud figure hamlet would learn HIS worth by now and find out once ur banned this many times U should leave!!!
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    haha I got negged for my post, and the chicken **** mother****er that did it, doesn't even have the balls to own up to it.....

    what a ****ing joke this place has become.

    it's no wonder I don't bother posting useful things anymore.

    by the way, neg me, neg me all you want. I care not.

    a little red or green square does not affect my life like 99% of the people here.

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    Hold on let me get my alliance consisting of Negative, Debwalin, Rioter, Vorlin and evil enchilada so they can vote for me and i can become THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!!, then I can tell all my real life friends I won an online contest golly gee my glasses are steaming up with excitement

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    next to jp and hogfly negative is the most helpful and coolest guy to talk to
    Ametuers get jail time Pros get jobs.

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    I have voted other as I feel a community does not have "best" or "worst" members there are only better or worse communitys (Which is opionated). Everybody has there own individual and sometimes unique qualities which they bring to the community and one persons contribution to any community is just as important as another persons.
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    why am in not listed in poll grrrrrrr


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