Hello all. I decided to start a tut on the great perl package called CGI.pm
The cgi.pm was designed to help web developers create cgi scripts, for dynamic content.
I’m assuming that you have 5.6.1 and a server that has a working cgi-bin and a decent understanding of html (form, and buttons tags).

CGI = Common Gateway interface

Ok first we will start with a simple form example .

So you have a form that looks like this :

<form action=”/cgi-bin/name.pl” method=”get”>

Please enter your name

<input type=text name=name>
<input type=submit value=submit>
if you notice the name of the form field is name.
Now that we have a form to get he information lets get into processing the users information in this case the name.

 #path to perl

use strict; 

use CGI qw/:all/;
 #This calls the CGI.pm for use in the script
#the “/:all/” loads all the options for the packages

print “Content-type: text/html\n\n”;

my ($name);
#sets the variables for use

$name = param(‘name’); 
#CGI.pm uses the param to get variables from the 
print “Hello $name”;
#print the Hello <name>
as you can see getting information is a whole lot easier with this package.
It also has great html options built in
(I should also say the there is a OOP and a funtion drivin way to use CGI.pm I tend to use the funtion method).
       use CGI qw/:all/;           
       print header,start_html('Html in perl');# starts the html page
       h1('hello from perl'),   # = <h1></h1> tags
       p(‘I will never use html again’), # = 

       end_html;        #ends the html
the html would be about the same amount in lines………………………

I will continue this soon.