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    after i succesfuly installed winNmap and configured all its network settings i pressed on the scan button it gave me the following error mesaage:

    Nmap doesnot work on local loopback interfaces

    if somebody know what does this mean please tell me]


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    I have found that many scanners, after just being installed, default to the local machine as the target. Some scanners will not allow you to do this. Try putting in a different IP address for another machine on your network if you haven't already done so.
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    In local loopback testing, the transmitter output of the computer (DTE) is connected to the reciever input of the modem (DCE), disconnecting the DCE from the transmittion line. so all data sent to the DCE is [i]looped back[/b] to the DTE. this is for testing the DCE, and of course, the DTE/DCE interface. this can be executed with local and remote DCE's.
    the local loopback IP address of any computer is
    so no matter where you are, or what computer you are on, will always be you (or atleast your loopback address). im not sure if it is a local or remote one, as in looping back through your ISP's DCE?
    however, in answer to your only question("if somebody know what does this mean please tell me"), it ("Nmap doesnot work on local loopback interfaces") would mean that Nmap won't work on yourself, or something to that effect. i can't say for _sure_ because i don't use Nmap, nor do i know what it does...yet
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